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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
Fair question. In my case, it's 110% due to ME. Absolutely nothing wrong with the bike at all. I just happen to turn into a juvenile delinquent when I ride my Duc and figure I better save myself from myself before I end up a statistic. The bike is so dang effortless to ride fast it just happens without even trying. One minute you're working your way through rush hour traffic, the next minute you look down and realize you're doing 90+mph and treating the cages like orange cones on an obstacle course. I even tried putting myself in a 100HP mode "time out" in an attempt to chill out and stop riding like a doofus. That lasted a day. Don't get me wrong. The bike will drone all day long on the freeway at the posted limit and be super comfy and not mind at all.....I just can't seem to stand that.

You've just described me on my MTS

I've thought of selling mine for the same reason, the bike is addictive. As I use mine for a daily commute slog I do sometimes tire of its vibey eagerness. Something a little smoother and more relaxing might get me through the week easier
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