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Originally Posted by InDenial View Post
thinking of getting a go pro. How many hours of recording do you get on a 32GB card? 64GB? Does the camera record as well with either a 32 or 64? Thanks
The problem i found with the gopro (hero2, don't know if the 3 solved this) was that when your battery runs out while filming you get a lot of corrupt files. For this reason i bought 2 16GB cards because they work out better with a batterycycle (switch them around when i switch battery).

But there are different threads on this forum about this subject.

About the tablet, after doing some research i found that something like the dell latitude 10.1 or the MS surface pro would fit my needs the best. I can still hold off buying one for a couple of months so i'll see how they evolve (reviews/competition/price) :)
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