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Wait, wait, and wait a little longer for the arrival in Aus

So I returned to Aus mid September and tried to find a job to pay the accumulated bills, confident that my little bike was wending its way back to Aus.

After about 4-5 weeks I hadn't had any updates from Robin so called him to check when it was going to arrive. To be told that it hadn't actually left yet, due to the paperwork problem with the other vehicles.

About this time I realised Robin wasn't the 'volunteering information' type of guy. I was going to have to ask to find out anything.

Kept waiting, until finally advised that the bike was due in Sydney Dec 18th. Great, but what were the chances of getting the bike processed through customs in the days before Christmas, not good.

Then a couple of days before it was due to arrive, when I rang to find out how to pay the fees, I was advised that it was actually arriving in Brisbane, 'cos the next ship going to Sydney would have taken too long'. Hmmm, not impressed.

So it arrived in Brisbane on the 18th. On the 21st I got told the cost would be almost double what I'd been quoted. Really not happy now.

Apparently, because I'd been a good boy and got the import approval done myself, the shipper agent decided to treat my bike as a totally separate customer to Robin's other vehicles in the container. So instead of sharing the cost of all the overheads, I got the lot.

At least Robin waived any charges for himself, so all the money went to the agent. In the end it cost me about $700 more than I expected for the import.

Moral of this part of the story. If you are going to come in with someone like Robin who is essentially bringing the vehicles in 'as his own', let him do the lot, including getting the import approval. And you shouldn't get slugged like I did.

Anyway, now I needed to get the bike back from Brisbane, and he's shutting down for 2 weeks. At least it gave me 2 weeks to work out my best option.

But that's the next installment. Not really relevant to the actual importation, but another challenge nonetheless.
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