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Step 5 - Brisbane to Canberra, the easy bit, haha...

Yeh, the last bit was step 4.

After considering flying up to Brisbane and riding back, driving up and trailering back, and getting it shipped down, it was going to cost me much the same whichever way I went, so bit the bullet and decided to get it shipped down.

Another $400+.

Got some quotes, and Robin's normal trucking company Bikes Only were competitive, so decided it made sense to use them.

Shouldn't be too difficult should it. Stick it on a truck going from Brisbane past Canberra, what can go wrong.

2 weeks later it leaves Brisbane, next time I check it is in Sydney coming down in a few days. Hmmm, why did it get dropped off in Sydney.

Then I get told it will be delivered late Thursday, no show.
Then Friday, no show, the driver's off fighting fires in Yass, where's his priorities, my bike versus Yass, not a contest.
Promises to deliver it Saturday afternoon. No show.
Sent him a message Sunday morning, and get a call to say 'sorry, though you were someone else, you're bike is still in Sydney'. Aaaaah shiiiiiiiit.
Apparently my bike got dropped off in Sydney 'accidentallly'.
At least the lady I talked to on Monday was very apologetic, and admitted it was a cock-up, my words not hers.

So, she promised it would arrive on Tuesday afternoon.
And it did. Hallelujah.

And it appeared to be in good nick. Had obviously been left outside for some time, minor corrosion on the aluminium, and after 4 months, it started.

All the trials and tribulations disappeared.
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