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Thanks, guys! It's a very profound experience to know that my words and my journey has inspired so many and encouraged others to live life more deeply.

Today was a very good day for me for three reasons I thought I'd share:

1) 2/9/13 marks the two year anniversary of surviving the brain tumor excavation that saved my life. I spent a lot of time today remembering the terrible days leading up to the diagnosis; a lot of time remembering the awful days after; and a lot of time thinking about how fucking great it is to be alive. (See celebratory video below!*)

2) I ran three hilly SF miles and didn't have the usual coma-like symptoms I've had in the past when I ran or rode my Cervelo. (Ironman number 5--could it be a non-lethal possibility?)

3) Ducati has been following along silently (those sneaky bastards!). They've also appreciated the ride enough to invite me to an event next month, but I didn't confirm what details I can share, so for now I'll only say it's going to f'in ROCK! I'll share the details when I can and of course--stay tuned for post-event Pics and Stories!!!!!

(*A few weeks after surgery I got the ok to remove the stitches from my head, but didn't feel like driving all the way to UCSF to do something I could do myself. So I grabbed my Swiss Army knife, an Exacto blade, hooked up a webcam (so I could see what I was doing) and,'ve been warned!)

Removing Stitches - YouTube

With all the msg you've received not much I could possibly add except just "Outstanding". I'm presently sitting in Afghanistan on a day off which is way over rated over here. Have enjoyed your RR more than about anything I've read lately. You would have made a great Team guy in my previous career as a Navy SEAL and some of your comments reminded me of things I would have liked to have read while going through BUDS years ago. I retired from the Navy in 1986 but still working supporting the military flying aircraft on a civilian contract. Back home you can usually find me riding my Aprilia TuonoV4R around the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. Again THANKS!
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