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Step 7 - was it worth it, would I do it again.

For me, was it worth it financially, probably not. I was hoping to get it here for a couple of thousand less than it would have cost here. But with the extra costs of importation and trucking, it probably cost about the same.

Assuming of course that I could have found one in this condition and low mileage, Jesse panniers etc. Probably not.

And I got to use it for 3 weeks in the US, which would have cost me even more.

If you could avoid the pitfalls I fell into, yes you could bring one in cheaper than you could buy one here. Also much easier if you are not going over there to use the thing.

Would I do it again. Well, not sure, but there's a very nice CX650 Turbo for sale in Europe at the moment, very tempting.

Anyway, hope this little story will help others contemplating the same thing. It is certainly doable, and there's a lot of bloody nice motorbikes over there to choose from.

Happy to take questions, and/or be corrected if I got anything wrong, and hopefully this thread can become a comprehensive guide for others.

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