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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
How much does the new CRF250L weigh again? Like 320?

Yeah, it is cheap, and it has its place, but moto heads have been ignored by Honda and I sure don't feel alone stating that. This board would have lit up if one of these new bikes was a 500cc DS single with 47 HP, (you know, to make the Euro govs happy!), with decent legs, a WR 6 speed box and around 300 lbs. Guys would be dumping the heavy exhausts and lights and racing them in enduros. Others would travel around the world on them, much like the KTM EXCs and Burgs.

There could have been dirty DS, street singles, an Adv and a supermoto.

But Honda can't cause it's too much of a major player?
How many of those bikes would they really sell worldwide?

How many people would buy a bike like that for commuter duty over the variety of road biased limiter-capable twins already available? Everyone would bitch that its a single or not powerful enough or not hooligan enough, etc. Particularly enthusiasts, they're never happy. The only thing I see as much of as cruisers and sport bikes collecting dust on dealer floors are dirt bikes.

I can see tons of new riders on these things, especially if they're comfortable enough in the showroom. Most of that purchase is answering the questions: Does it look ok? Does it fit me? Can I afford it? Will I kill myself leaving the dealer lot?
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