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Great post.

There are some bikes that are more sensitive to the handling of weight. An early Gold Wing will do many things, but if you are not used to toting a passenger, get some current road time in to get used to what ever bike you choose, and get to know how it reacts in different situations (rain, road with sand on it, leaves... quick stops..). and the run the finest tires you can afford, and keep them newish.

Maybe a Gold Wing guy will chime in, but sometime around mid to later 1980's they lowered the weight on them and they were better handling in my opinion, not as tippy when rolling it out of the garage or parking spaces. They added the "reverse" feature about that same year as I recall.

For me, I used to ride two up all the time (it was the 70's and early to mid 80s, I had hair ). I got away from motorcycles for years to recover from a back injury, and got back on one in 2010 or so. I found I don't have that inner core lower trunk strength anymore to confidently carry or be responsible for a passenger. I would seriously consider a second bike for your partner, or a bike with a sidecar, but that's just me. I would worry myself crazy with a passenger at this point in my life. People did not have cell phones when I carried a passenger last.

That would really make me stop and think twice now days.
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