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License plate is ready to go, but “marchamo” sticker still being held up. Supposed to arrive late Friday afternoon, but didn’t. Now maybe Monday. Sis in law says she’s going to give the dealership an ear full if it’s not ready on Monday. Never the less, had a good weekend on the bike, exploring local back roads where “los tránsitos” (traffic cops) are not supposed to be.

My niece Estefani and two friends Has and Andrés visited from San José and they’re between 20-23, and all three are enrolled in an intensive English language class that began last May and goes to mid March, from 8-1, Monday through Friday. They are incredibly motivated learners who spoke very good English for never being out of the country. Saturday morning they asked me to make them something American, so I offered to do an English language cooking class—French toast! The two guys made everything as I gave instructions on how to make “tostadas francesas”. These three were like having Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James all trying to outdo each other, except instead of on the court with a ball it was a battle over English grammar and idiomatic expressions.

All good fun, but man they wore me out over a three hour breakfast. I told them I had never spoken so much English in my life. But very good to see such dedicated learners. Went for an hour ride without camera in the afternoon over dirt back roads and that helped me clear my mind.
Sunday I got up early and my sis in law told me about a back way to get to San Gerardo de Rivas, which is the base town and park entrance to Parque Nacional Chirripó, one of my favorite hikes which I have in mind to do this trip. I needed to get some information so I took off by 7:30. After meandering a bit through the east edge of Pérez, I managed to find the road I was looking for. San Gerardo is only about 25 kilometers from where I’m staying, but there’s a whole lot of beauty packed in between.

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