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Help (Sorry) (Ninja 250)

I don't know where exactly to post this..

So here is my problem. I am looking at buying this 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Problems, you can tell the bike has been laid down and abused, the spark plugs are BLACK. The bike will not start, I haven't had the time to change the spark plugs on the bike yet, but the carb's was just filthy! No gas was getting through, so I had my mechanic friend who used to work on motorcycles a lot clean them for me. It seems as if the bike isn't getting any gas to it still. ( or the spark plugs just aren't firing.. [ the spark plugs was bone dry after several attempts at trying to crank the bike.] ) I'm so lost and confused on what could be wrong with this bike..

Is it worth the chance of buying the bike and finding out there are more problems to it than the eye can see? Should I buy the spark plugs and test them?

Also please tell me/ direct me to where this thread should have been posted.. ( I am very new to the site. )
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