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Originally Posted by Skidpan View Post
So, was it the AJP? Only wondering, cos that bike stood out.
Yup, that was the one!

Not a bad Dragon, all things considered.

So long as you ignore the 250 mile ride in the snow, sleet and rain, punctuated by a small fire and running out of fuel.

It was quite good on site, so long as you don't mind a bit of mud and constant, unabating rain.

Then there was the ride home, now that was memorable. But not in a good way.

Rain, of course, all the way, all 250 miles and 5 hours of it. No fires, which was good. But the left peg and sidestand did fall off, which was a bit annoying. And the indicators packed up. And the bastard thing ran out of fuel again (no fuel tap or light) 2 miles from the nearest filling station and I had no spare fuel by that time.

If I could get the whole bike up onto my bandsaw table, I'd be smiling right now. :)

It was good to see Tarka, Adge and a few others though. Met a few new friendly faces too.

See you all there next year. Over my dead body.
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