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Qué pasa pablo? Parece que has estado occupado hoy. No tienes que enseñar español hoy como yo tengo que hacer...? Cuando vamos a verte en la moto?

I was noticing on your Cuñada's house lots of razor wire. But on the photos of the fincas there is not much there. Does she live in town so she has to protect herself from "undesireables" or is she trying to keep wildlife out? In the country do people not worry about theft or protection as much? What is the safety issue like between PZ and Dominical for residents?
Jaja...yo no enseño aquí...observo no más...ya viene una foto de mi montadito en la moto...

Yeah, I guess there is more of the barred windows and doors and gates in the city and less in the country side. If there's a way in, "they" will find it. Our house in Sabanilla (area of San José) was broken into 4 times over a period of 5 years until we finally had front redone so that it was impossible to get near the front door unless you had a bulldozer. My in laws live so remote they have glass windows, no bars. But they are way out there. Not immune, just no that likely.
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