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You noticed that, too...

Originally Posted by Thumperama View Post
I am seriously thinking of selling my '06 Triumph Tiger and pulling the trigger on a '13 MTS PP. I have read all the posts and the only thing that has me wondering is that I have read several folks raving about how great the 1200 is and that you should get one, but when I look at their sig, they have either sold theirs or it is currently for sale.

What's up wit dat?
As an "early adopter" of the MTS1200S, I'd currently have 43,000 miles on the beast if I hadn't totalled the first one on hoarfrost in Colorado. Replaced it with the identical bike; just turned 30,000 miles.

I ride 20-25K miles/year, and my primary concern with the Multi was long-term reliability. So far it's been admirable, and neither bike gave me any serious problems in several cross-USA jaunts.

I've test-ridden just about everything (lookin' forward to the new GS), but so far nothing has fit me as well as the Multi 1200 (I'm a little guy: 5-8, 145). With the addition of the Tuneboy electronic cruise control (and of course real handguards, etc.), the bike is just about perfect for my needs as a long-distance tourer/backroad explorer. Apparently, unlike some others, I don't have a problem with "self-control."


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