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Couldn't pass it up

I went in over the weekend to check out the helmet and ended up paying $359 for the combo deal - helmet, jacket, pants and gloves. The explorer gloves suck but the rest of the gear is shockingly good quality. This is the second set of Bilt gloves I have purchased and I wouldn't have gotten these if they weren't free. Same problem as last pair - the knuckle guard end up on the upper part of your hand instead of over the knuckles.

The explorer helmet (the one with the interior shades) does have distortion in the clear visor. For me is detectable but not annoyingly noticeable. Off road I'll be wearing goggles.

The pants and jacket are very high quality. I didn't *really* need a new 3/4 jacket and pants but the value for the price was too good to pass up. Not to mention 5 year warranty on everything.
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