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Surfing online, the reviews of Kawasaki's ER-6 n or f are all exceptionally positive and quite favorable. The ER is somewhat similar to the Ninja, with an upright seating position. I just had a F650GS - great technology but torture chambre for ass, back and neck... Anyone knows anything about the ER-6 and long distance touring? Oh, no, not the Versy. The ER-6.
The two are very similar, ER6 and Versys, with the latter getting the nod as a more capable and versatile bike. I put about 8K on my versys, it's a fun little bike, but has some quirks and wear on you. Namely harsh suspension and buzzy motor, but otherwise a pretty much bulletproof bike. Sold it for a Triumph Tiger 800XC. Absolutely lightyears better.

There are some pretty spectacular long distance trips that have been reported on the versys owners forum. I suggest you look there:

The ER6 has shorter suspension and the ninja motor tune. The Versys has longer travel and tuned for more lowend torque. The '6 is really an urban conventional streetbike. There are better choices for something long distance. The sister bike (versys) would be a start, but certainly there are others. At least the Versys would give you the road capability your F650 lacks. They are pretty limited for any off-pavement going though with the 17" front.

This is how I had my Versys setup for long distance:

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