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Transferable Plates

Add a few bucks to the policy for each bike it, and the plate, covers.

I support more traffic enforcement, and the hiring of specific Traffic Enforcement officers ( a la VPD) as usually in the case of motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, we have the most to lose if someone decides to drive aggressively, distracted, fast, through an intersection, etc. knowing there are no repercussions. Fines would more than pay to hire these officers. I have no problem with cops hiding out behind signs etc. with a radar gun. Speeding is a personal choice.

Only 1 in 4 traffic camera infractions is ever cited. Seeing as these are the most dangerous spots for all involved, why not prosecute all infractions? To me this is like letting three out of four assaults go unpunished because the government doesn't want to be seen as "mean".
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