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Originally Posted by JacqueTanis View Post
Let me introduce myself ... I AM a candyass who drives a GS and I enjoy Starbucks coffee immensely ... that said, this 59 year old granny who just started riding her BMW a year and a half ago and is a TOTALLY inexperienced cross country rider also enjoyed my 2 week trip from Yuma, AZ to the tip of the Baja Pennisula and back - I'm sure every bit as much as you enjoy your rides to where ever. There are all different types of bikes, riders and destinations and none of them disqualifies any other. To each his/her own! I drove my own speed and comfort level and stayed on road that fit my experience level - my trip took me totally out of my comfort zone and will be a treasure to remember the rest of my life - one I would imagine I will repeat again in the future.
There are 2 GSs pulled up in front of our little hotel right now. (One eyed Jack has arrived) We don't have a Starbucks in Banamichi but we serve some fine Chiapas coffee. Candy Asses, smart asses - all are welcome here. (Dumb asses are ok in small doses.) Like we say -- just ride.
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