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Wow what an excellent first post! Welcome and thanks a bunch for the contribution. I've been neglecting this thread, we had an unusually cold December and first half of January so the Oset spent a bunch of time as a hanger queen. We need to get it out today I think. I'll troll through and catch up on the rest of the thread. BetaRambo I'd be very interested in your experience setting up as a dealer. Were you already in the motorsports biz?


Edit: Endless-sphere looks very cool as well...
I am not really in the motorsports biz per se. I did run a trials dealership for a few years with some friends, but like most trials dealerships it was a hobby business and not something to really make money at. My Oset dealership, Sparky Bikes, is also a hobby business.

I started it in order to make a little money to offset some of the costs of my family's riding but also to get some new riders into our club. It turns out that demoing Osets is a great way to get new people. Once their kids start riding trials then the adults tend to follow. I leave it to the other dealers to sell bikes to the parents.

I think Oset is a lot more interested in setting up with "real" dealers these days, which makes sense. They want to move bikes through stores rather than the normal trials model of moving bikes through trailers. They did work with me really nicely. I think the key was that I proved my passion by building that one custom bike and I guess they figured that it would make me pretty useful for support.
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