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For you bike snobs

Dual sports are boring if you don't want one.
Cruisers are dull if you don't want one.
Sport bikes are dull if you don't want one.
Dirt bikes are dull if you don't want one.
Scooters are dull if you don't want one.
And,People who complain about bikes they don't want anyway are really really really dull!!!
Motorcyclists are people who ride what they want and enjoy. I prefer to ride with the motorcyclists, they are much more fun.

Btw, computerized vehicles dull? The other day while pondering guitar amps that can sound like multiple cool old amps from the sixties and seventies, I realized we could do that with cars and bikes!! With computer controled; engines, transmissions, and suspension, you will be able to select an old exciting car or bike from the touch screen menu and wow! you can have your car or bike handling like an "exciting" vehicle!! Want to experience a 59 Chevy Impala on your trip around Road America race track, just select it. Get the body roll and thrill of an almost roll over. Ever wondered about a MG Midget, what were they like? Just select that option and get it's go kart handling! Want your Ducati to run like an old Sportster? Yep make that menu selection and hook up the optional virtual kickstart lever with USB connection and you will have to jump on the lever at least fifty times before your Ducati starts, just like a wonderful exciting Sportster with magneto ignition, and the lever will be programed to randomly toss you in the air or brake your leg. I can't wait!!
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