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Not trying to hijack your thread 2 Dogs - I am very much in your shoes 2 Dogs except I am now hot after a 990 SMT or a Tiger 800 Roadie. No burning desire to head off-road on my motorcycle, have a mt bike for that. I am presently riding a '07 Wee farkled up nicely. My son also rides an '07 Wee. Its because of him that I sold my 2nd Gen FZ1 and bought the Wee. Now after a year of riding it I am simply bored with it. Don't get me wrong, its a very competent bike, but I equate it to driving a Toyota Camry no excitement. The FZ1 was over the top with excitement! My problem was I had very little self-control on it. Rode the crap out of it pretty much every time I got on it. Haven't ridden the SMT yet, but have the Tiger. For those of you with the SMT does it beg to be wrung out all the time or can you enjoy leisurely riding it. I am completely sold on the Adv style of bike just want one with better brakes, suspension, stronger motor and still reasonably light weight. I also rode the Super Ten and it was too tall and heavy for me. 5'8" 30" inseam.
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