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Originally Posted by HowlingMad View Post
Well that was quick. Took one for a test drive today and wanted to share our feedback before it faded.[LIST][*]LOUD, way too loud. Consensus:
If were 10 years younger, weren't as spoiled, or had a more strict budget to work with we would have driven it home today. We both thought it was a good car (maybe even great) and seemed to be a great value. (Neither of us really like the look of the Forester so we didn't compare it but on paper it actually appears the Forester might even be a better value.)
In the end, the noise was simply too much for us.
I had the same experience test driving the new Impreza that this is based upon, I so wanted to buy one as a second car/runaround and yet the road noise was disheartening and killed the thought dead. I drove a legacy at the dealers for comparison and it is markedly better but then the fuel economy has to be obtained at the loss of something.

I am just about to buy (another!) Land Rover but cannot get my mind around a LR2 at $40k with only 4 way (not very adjustable) seats, I could get two Subaru's for the price and just turn the radio up. As a long time LR owner gutless engine performance is something I'm used to.

I like the look of the crossover and the orange colour is splendid. I may have to go back to the dealers.
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