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Without getting into another of your famous geriatric ergonomic diatribes, there is really not anything rearset about the pegs, nor low about the bars. Given that the OP has already dismissed the Versys, I trust he knows already what he finds comfortable. If you have nothing constructive to add, please move along.

Yes, I will move along. But in the picture you posted, the pegs are obviously rearset, they are behind the riders knees. Pegs that are straight down from the riders knees are standard, pegs that are out in front of the riders knees are forward. I also don't see any bend in the riders elbows. It's nowhere near as bad as some bikes, but I would still go for the Versys. You'll notice I stated that if the OP liked the riding position of the ER-6N, it is a good bike, as is the Ninja. But they are not for everybody.
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