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Originally Posted by jdbski View Post
I have to get my drive rebuilt as it puked its gear oil recently. I think I stopped before causing too much damage but who knows. Anyway has anybody had their drive rebuilt and if so how much did it cost?

Puked oil? That means that likely only a seal went. If you are lucky, no mechanicals failed and you are not facing high costs.

There are several items that could fail, so the cost will vary. If you are very lucky, it is the big seal on the side of the FD (surrounding the opening) - a not uncommon issue on the R12GS. This is very inexpensive, you just pop out the bad one and knock a new one in. Even I could do that... (Though I paid the dealer a bit under $200 four years ago, when my '06 GS had about 38k on the odometer).

Other seals are much more elaborate. Before asking for costs, you'll need to determine what happened.
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