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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
+2. Why 20 some pages of complaints about this bike? If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. I'm just assuming there are plenty of other bikes out there that you do like. Buy one of those. But like I said, do it right away before they are gone.

I'm not really crazy about any new bike except Harleys, they have what I want in a motorcycle. But alas, I cannot afford one. I may very well get a used pre FI Sportster to have fun on. You can get them cheap on Craigslist. Sport bikes, or anything with a sport bike riding position I want no part of. I recently sold one, an '09 Ninja 500. Nothing wrong with it, I bought it new. But I could not ride it without a lot of pain. So that type of bike is out for me.

This new CTX is NOT going to be fun just to ride on short trips. What it is going to be is a comfortable reliable way to TRAVEL on 2 wheels, and that is exactly what I'm looking for. A mini Goldwing. A cruiser that doesn't look like a cruiser. My plan is to get one of these, the naked model with a manual transmission and no ABS, sell the Goldwing, go ahead and wear the Vulcan 750 out (77,000 miles already) and get rid of it, and this will be my only road bike. I still have a custom built (lots of goodies) XT225 for off road use, and will ride that as long as I can. A brand new Honda, ridden conservatively and properly maintained, should last me the rest of my riding life. And yes, at my age and in my condition, I ride conservatively. I will also have the Sportster and my old cars to tinker with and work on, and enjoy riding/driving around locally. One of my hobbies is VINTAGE cars and bikes. No, that is not for everybody, but it IS for me.

If you do not like this bike, go find a thread for a bike you do like.

Thank you.

I started this thread because:

1) My lifelong love of Hondas (hence my screen name)
2) An excitement of new affordable product in the marketplace
3) Hoping to enjoy some rousing and possible insightful conversation about the possibility's these bikes hold

But instead, almost all that's been shared here is hate of something that very few have even sat on and no one has ridden.

Now, I've been doing forums long enough to understand differences of opinion will always show up (hell, that's half the fun), but this level of bashing is a shocker. Do the haters here also walk into car dealerships and tell total strangers how stupid they were for buying this particular brand? Or maybe hang out in Best Buys on the weekend and scream at customers in the television department? I bet some here love cruising the Android forums and posting in all caps "APPLE RULES!!!"

And for what...forward controls? Pulled back handlebars? Really?!?!?! Honda should immediately shut down their entire worldwide motorcycle manufacturing because "they've completely lost it!" All due to the decision(s) made on this one line of bikes? Sounds pretty ignorant to me.

I personally welcome anything that may bring new people into this hobby I love so much. I see dealerships closing their doors around me left and right. The American market is nothing but shrinkage for most (large) manufacturers. We've become such a small slice of the pie, that we rarely get any of the cool new models.

Maybe these new bikes will attract some new blood, or maybe they won't. But at least Honda is trying. It's taken almost 3 yrs to get the CB1100, but at least Honda is giving us a shot.

All I'm saying is maybe don't be so close minded. Instead of bashing a bike that wasn't necessarily built with only your likes/needs in mind, look at it as a possibility for more $$$ in the coffers for R&D on something that is built for your tastes.

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