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HondaFanatic, everything you say makes sense, and yet, there is something about this CTX700 that really raises my hackles. It is irrational, I know, but it's comforting to know that it's not just me. Somehow, this bike succeeds in threatening many of us who dislike it intensely.

For the record, I was okay with the NC700X, the NT700V, the old Pacific Coast, the VFR1200, and even the DN-01 (it honestly admitted that it was a glorified scooter). I like experimentation! But this bike, this CTX700, I am sorry, but it comes off as a poser of a bike, like it doesn't know what it is, like it's dressed as a woman, but it's actually a man, or something like that. Words fail me.

If I were a police officer, I would arrest the CTX700 for being an imposter. An imposter of what? Of its very own self! Man or machine, you have to proudly be what you are, and that may be where the CTX700 is coming up short for me.

My negative feelings for this abomination of a bike might be primarily due to its visual effect, which somehow succeeds in bringing all the various things that disgust me into one bike, with that exhaust being the absolute worst I've ever seen. Surely, some Honda engineers are sitting around drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and laughing: "Ha. Ha. Our marketing department sucks. We were trying to play a practical joke on them by designing the most offensive-looking bike we could imagine--but the crazy bastards actually liked it!!!"

Disclaimer: I like the 700-series engine. I like the fuel economy. I think this engine represents a good, bold idea.


And the only people "duller" than people who express their opinions about a motorcycle are the people who harp on people expressing their opinions.

I hope Honda has identified a niche to bring new riders into the fold, I really do, but I just don't get this bike and I don't think "new" riders will either.
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