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I own a couple properties and have the pleasure of visting them as HVAC repair man from time to time (don't queue the porn sound track.. it never happens )... I drive a sedan and also keep a bunch of tools and misc repair materials in my trunk... I tell yah its the way to go... I feel much more secure having those tools in the trunk than I ever did with them in a saddle box in my old truck...

And with the front passenger and rear seats folded down I can fit a 10' lenght of pipe in the car and close the trunk!

It amazes me how many tradesmen don't understand this. Most carpenters drive a pickup so they can haul materials and that works just fine if they are the contractor. While working for someone else, I figure the company can arrange the hauling of materials. I will haul stuff if needed and if it fits in the car and as you pointed out, it's surprising what does fit! In fact, there is a twelve foot folding ladder in the back seat right now, among other things.
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