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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Out of all the 450 engines in the world,they picked the only one that is a complete oddball and has never gained acceptance for much of anything............But the bike itself is really slick looking,I like the idea of an Adventure bike that isnt a mammoth sized poser bike. Nothing good can come of using that BMW designed engine though.
The CS sprocket having the same center as the swingarm pivot............seems neat but even BMW dropped it on the new Husky/BMW.
I share your concern to a degree, although primarily mine would be the clutch longevity - being crank mounted, it spins much faster than a regular clutch of that size, and therefore can get hotter and fade/fail in tough conditions...

That said, no one really makes a current 450cc engine that is truly ideal for this role - they are all race/performance orientated these days, with limited oil capacity and correspondingly shorter change intervals... and I'm sure CCM had little choice than to go with what was available from their partner/supplier Kymco. I'm sure it would be simple enough to add an oil cooler circuit and increase capacity that way, to help keep things (including the clutch!) cool on the production bikes?

What I find interesting about this thread is that if this bike was a KTM, or even a Husqvarna, people would be cutting off limbs to afford it (5 speeds and close-ratio gearboxes and all!) without even seeing or riding it... in that respect, I think Minkyhead has done a fantastic job here for CCM here by actually poking around with the real thing?


(btw. for info - the current Husky 449 still has the same concentric output shaft position as it did on the BMW G450 version, its just the swing arm pivot bolt doesn't go all the way through now, so it is slightly easier to change the front sprocket).
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