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I only own three main money makers (above and beyond some tier 3 and tier 2 premium tanks):
1. T34
2. KV-5
3. SU-122-44

The game has progressed, and the KV-5 really didn't. It did get more armor, but its gun requires the use of a lot more Gold rounds, on average, so it isn't the money maker it once was. That list from that page may show the tanks respective income earned, on average, but I don't believe it's actual profit since the KV-5 uses Gold rounds so much more now.

But newly-introduced premiums keep seeming better and better. Some knuckle-head I platooned with this morning saw I chose a tier 7, so he chose an AMX 13 75, and thus drug my meek and small SU-122-44 into a tier ten battle. Man was I pissed off. I stopped communicating with him and the other platoon mate since I planned on just leaving, and there was no sense in leaving after saying something I'd regret... but I did play it out. I penned and damaged an ST-I and a T110E4(!), plus some Chinese tank that I'm not sure of what tirer it was, and got some points for ramming a Lorraine tank.

It's not that the SU-122-44 is over-powered ... I played conservatively and took the shots I could make. but I out-damaged my platoon mates in their 13 75 by 1000 damage points (he did something liek 160 the entire game) and T-43 (the T-43 didn't belong in that batte either).

So there is something to newer premiums I think. but I also think the Lowe should still be a great platform if one doesn't mind playing it in a very boring way every game.
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