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IMHO you would be better served by spending your time on survival training rather than self defense training. As others have said being polite and courteous will get a long way. It would also serve you well to learn any cultural taboos so you can avoid bad situations in the first place. I spent 7 years as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army and without proper training a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. Generally speaking, when someone is pointing a gun at you, do what they say. Also, there is no training that will tell you what to do in every situation. You have to be able to read the circumstances of a situation and decide on the appropriate use of force to take. And, you have to be able to make that determination in an instant. The good news is that the middle east is predominately a knife culture. Any local thugs you run into are likely to be armed with a knife and not a gun. Now, if someone has a gun and they want your bike, give it to them. Stuff can be replaced, you can't be. Now, if they were trying to kidnap you or you think they are going to shoot you anyway I would fight back or run away to the best of my ability. All of that being said you are unlikely to run into a situation where you need self defense training as long as you make good decisions and follow the cultural norms. You are much more likely to have a mechanical failure and need the survival training while you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Good luck in your journey!
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