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I plead ignorance !

When I quoted Drone once I trimmed it poorly, I thought he was interested in a battery isolator, I intend to try a 2 battery system w/o isolator as I have no huge loads to isolate the batteries from each other for. I'm adding a battery in my stock position mostly to have terminals to connect the power leads and not hack-up my BMW harness just a neat spot to make connections. If I have issues I'll consider an isolator.
Ned if you want to add a battery to your trunk (ballast) I'll have lots of leftover 4 awg welding cable in black and red, if you like. I bought 50' as the cost was good and we will eventually use it at friends welding, welder repair shop.
I'll repeat my question,what 12v devices do you take camping ? Did you recognize my Honda/ Ural from Firecrest ? DB
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