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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
You aren't seriously comparing a Stelvio to a Mutlistrada for raw performance and back road strafing are you? You do ride the bikes you own?

Those two bikes shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath. As the saying goes, they are as different as chalk and cheese. And yes, believe it or not, I DID (not "supposedly") replace the Multi with the Stelvio. Crazy eh?

You said that the Stelvio required too much work to make it go fast, I'm saying that it doesn't. My point (again) is that most all modern day bikes can go "fast" so replacing the Multi with a Stelvio simply to go less fast is not something that makes a ton of logical sense. If you explained to us that you were after added comfort, simplicity, looks, or other intangibles then it would be more understandable in my opinion.

Why is your Multi still for sale? Kinda frightens me as an owner of one. Is the market not that deep for them? Or is it simply due to the bid/ask?
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