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A wonderful Life at the “Swimming Hole”. Texas

Another day gone by, timeless zone prevalent at a stand still, the Big Bend spaces call me, one always has in particular which we here is called “The Swimming Hole”. It is on private property, yet shared by the Locals as the owner has basically deputized everyone to be responsible when enjoying the magnificent array of carved rocks from the violent flash floods of two creeks joining in. The road has been impassable till a few days ago, we now have been back already three times. They are Mother Nature's walls, not the kind poured in with man made angles. They are walls which have taken centuries to mold and now present times are exposed to one's imagination. This area does not stop amazing me me. It is as the seed, the center, the hub of all roads forking out toward the different other destinations throughout this so vast Country always calling me back to step up throughout this Mystery of Life we live. Regardless of it's reason for being on such roads, yes, as many have expressed toward us, it is a “Wonderful Life”.
Such choice is always ours.
Since you could not be there yourself, enjoy the few photos and a video.

Be well, always.

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