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it really comes down to what you want out of a motorcycle. some people get off on the latest computerized gps enabled traction controlled,transformer styled electro gizmo.good for them.just don't drop it unless you have some friends around to help you pick it up. don;t break it unless you got the bucks for the dealer to fix it. (oh but the bmw dealer was so nice to send the truck to retrieve the bike. they only took 2 days to figure out what was wrong.) as i said that is not what motorcycling has ever been for me. jay leno once said his brough superior was the most fun to ride out of his vast was about carbureted 98 ducati gets 60+ mpg , weighs under 400 lbs.and will keep up with any new sportbike in the canyons. its relativly easy to work on .another thing that annoys me is the newer bikes look cheap. every thing looks optimized for the assembly line. and digital guages,,please. ireally think motorcycles reached there zenith in the late 90s early millenium.
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