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I bought a new E.G in 2001 and just sold it last summer. 80,000 plus miles and it never so much as even farted wrong. That was one of the most reliable and comfortable bikes I've ever owned. Last summer I took a final 3000 mile trip on her and during the trip I was on alot of out of the way roads, some with loose rocks on top and dirt shoulders. I'm pushing 61 years old and I finally noticed how much of a chore it was lifting the beast off its kickstand all day everyday as I was stopping for photos and such. When pulling over on soft shoulders I was always having to be super careful to park in a way that I had no chance of dropping it knowing what a bitch it would be to pick up alone in the middle of no where. As I've gotten older I have a lot more time to travel which includes those out of the way places. So pounding down the highway on that last trip I decided that was the end of my heavy bike days. I bought a buell uly xt for fun and a suzuki v-strom 650 for long trips to Mexico and the like. I still get to get my shit eating grin going, blasting around on the buell and the peace of mind with the lightweight simplicity of the v-strom. Already had to pick the buell up on a parking lot drop. It was a little bit of a grunt but no problem. The suzuki has been great on those dirt roads getting to small ocean front fishing villages in Mexico. Places the electra glide wouldn't have been capable of going. I realized at my age by simply adjusting the type of bikes I was riding it opened up a whole new kind of adventure. I'm really lovin it.
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