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Originally Posted by dirtyron View Post
ireally think motorcycles reached there zenith in the late 90s early millenium.

People said the same things about cars in the 90's. Perhaps that cohort aged out, but present day enthusiasts are pretty happy with the offerings. Are there computers in those cars (and newer bikes)? Sure, but a computer is just a fancy abacus: you can make it do what you want it to do.

I don't think that riding has to be about the motorcycle - the bike should just work for those that want it to (which is almost certainly the majority of riders). Maybe a simple bike made with todays advancements in metals and machining would be nice, but it would never pass EPA regs. I think less vehicular emissions are a good goal, even a noble goal. Smog isn't a figment of our imagination:

A discussion about EPA regs is an entirely different kettle of fish, but if you take the modern emissions changes as a given (and, to be legal, you must), then the rest of the stuff is pretty easy to add. Not all EFI bikes have bad fueling - the DL650 is pretty damn good in that regard and the pre 2012 bikes are essentially a 14 year old ignition system design. Sure, there are a few somewhat twitchy EFI bikes out there but newer ECUs have more resolution and there were duds before EFI.

Technological progress is inevitable. With progress comes complexity - perhaps that is why the antique car market is thriving right now (though that is a collector-heavy segment and not all purchasers are enthusiasts).

As for gauges, I still like an analog tach at the least, analog speedo if I can get it - you can get some information via peripheral vision that way. An LCD for other stuff is fine, nothing wrong with a digital clock or a thermometer, or a gas gauge for that matter. Not a big fan of a digital speedo, and digital tachometers just seem weird.

Of course, "analog" tachometers and speedometers in most modern bikes are computer controlled anyway, so the actual needle is just aesthetic. A pleasant one, but about as necessary as chrome on a muffler.

Originally Posted by TTTom View Post
I'm old enough that I no longer need "more power" but "Skyhook" active suspension? ABS? Multiple maps? High power LED lights? Hell yes, sign me up!
I'll admit I'm not gonzo for electronic adjust suspension (perhaps just BMW's version with its unmodifiable presets), but the skyhook system sounds neat as hell.
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