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Automotive ....fuel injection all the way. It's made 4x4'n mucho better my car I don't mind it, but in my 4x4 I totally hate it, best way to write off ur truck on the bush summer or winter

FI on bikes. I don't think it's quite there yet quality wise from what I have read on this and other sites.

ABS on a bike, not for me for the riding I do. Maybe on a street only bike it is a great idea but in an off road/DS bike I think it would suck. I have seen some videos of the big "Adventure" bikes off road trying to get down a slick/gravel hill and loose all braking due to the ABS "working" .....

I love my Super Enduro.
NO abs
NO fly by wire
NO electronic suspension

I'm pushing 50 and I like some of the new stuff AND some of the old stuff
Life's short...ride far

Over 2000 plated dirt riders...Digg'n up the dirt every other day, all over BC
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