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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
Assuming the OP hasn't moved on anything yet, he or she posted:

I didn't see anything about dirt in there, or round the world dreaming. That's okay - is this thread in beasts mostly because thats where stroms get talked about? You'd likely get an entirely different set of responses in road warriors, some may even be better suited to your wants and needs.

For myself, I am probably moving from a wee strom to something like a R1200R, a moto guzzi griso, a CB1100, etc. I don't need off road in the slightest and these can handle gravel just fine. They don't get mentioned much in this corner of advrider, though.

If a 90 degree knee bend is what you're after, you might have to go for a tall adventure bike, but if a sharper angle is okay, there are plenty of non-beasts out there that fit the bill.
Bingo. I've always ridden street bikes until I got the Strom, which I bought for the riding position, among other reasons. Until I swap out my knees for an artificial pair, I'm just more comfortable on a taller bike. This raises the COG issues, though, so I'm looking for a happy medium of comfort for a tall guy and well-balanced handling.

So, I'm looking in "Beasts" for ergonomics, not b/c I ride off-road.
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