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Originally Posted by Davidc83 View Post
I dont know why a 700 cc twin cant easily get to 100mph. I have a 650cc thumper and i can get it to 100mph fairly easy, with the top end of over 110mph. I know how to calculate MPGs, have done it for years. My 650 thumper gets 70mpg at 70mph, if I run extended miles at 80-85mph, I get around 60mpg; however, if I ride extended miles at 45mph (Blueridge parkway) my bike gets over 80mpg.
I am going to the Indy bike show in a couple of weeks; I am going to look at the nc700 and the cb500x.
I also have a 805cc cruiser which gets 52-55mpg doing 70mph (and it weighs 600lb).
My 650 thumper will barely touch a 100 on a good day, add a headwind and your looking at 90. At a constant 80 I get about 35 mpg. I had a 350 that would bust a hundred, and never get better than mid 30's. Size means little, horsepower does.
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