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My father had an '89 Electra Glide Sport (FLHS) for years. The thing was quite possibly the most comfortable motorcycle I have ever ridden. He called it his rolling lazy-boy. VERY comfortable saddle. Excellent ergos. Very low center of gravity. He kicked my ass every time we squared up for a 'slow race' up the driveway. Shockingly good power too when he opened it up. (His was the old 'evo' 80ci.)

The belt drive was bullet proof. He never touched it. One day he knocked a few teeth off the belt blasting onto the highway off the local strip in front of me. He hobbled home swearing about the "damned thing". Then realized the belt was original, maybe 7-8 years old and way overdue for replacement.

He had fueling problems for years, never did get that figured out. It left him stranded once. He finally sold it last summer as he claims he is too old to ride...
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