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Thanks, PT.

To update you all, I had a chance to talk to a witness who was stopped at the light and saw this all go down in front of him. He said the rear of the bike didn't lift. Said I was actually trying to vear around the SUV when I hit, so how I got airborn wnough to clear it is still a mistery.

As for getting a new bike, I haven't got one yet. The Tiger 800XC is at the top of my list if I go the new bike route. Did make the mistake of sitting a 1200GS. That bike fits me so well, I've got some serious lust. Be really hard to justify almost $20,000 on what is essentially a toy though. I have been contemplating a used KLR, but I loved my 650 so much I keep getting drawn back towards getting another Bandit, but a 1250 this time. Not really in a rush right now. We'll see what I come up with come springtime.
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