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Originally Posted by dirtydeeds View Post
This is how it will/should go down:

You sell the sport bike. They get outdated quicker than stereo equipment anyhow.

Keep the KLR. It's slow, heavy and ugly. It's yours though, its reliable and it'll be cheap. You need all that while in school.

At some point if not already, you'll meet some chick that you'll have to carry on a regular basis. The KLR is ok for that. At some point you're going to be at a kegger and some drunk douche nozzle is going to back over your bike. The KLR will be fine. You'll have to buck up $30 for new handlebars. That's it.

You'll lose the girl to some guy with a Harley. Don't worry. He's financing it. She gets knocked up and drops out. You're better off without her.

You'll finish school with a busted up but still running KLR with bald tires. Youll finally change the oil, put new tires on it and head out for a 6 month road trip. Maybe Argentina? When you get back you'll start some entry level job and advance quickly. Finishing top of your class has nothing to do with it. It's because your boss thinks you have great stories and wishes they would have done that when they were younger. Then you get to buy any and all the bikes you want. Also, the other language that you learned in your travels helps to pick up women.

I wish to hell that someone would have laid shit out like that back when I was starting out.
Me too!
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