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Thanks for the link Okta. I looked at this set, too. I decided against it because

1) Wiseco oil ring is 3mm instead of Suzuki's 2.8mm. It is possible to make the groove of the original piston wider but it is easy to screw the piston. Massive oil consumption was the reason I had started top end rebuild again so I didn't want to take any risk here.

2) I wanted top compression ring to be chrome faced like all dual sport bikes have from factory (at least the ones with iron sleeve in cylinder). Chrome plated ring will last longer in dusty conditions where plain steel or iron rings will wear too fast. Not to confuse with chro-moly that is totally different thing.

3) The most important reason - I had to bore the cylinder to next size 106mm. There was too much wear already.

106mm pistons are not available from Suzuki any more. So I decided to order custom forged pistons from a manufacturer in the US. I had to order a set of 4 to keep cost reasonable. The pistons should be here in a couple of weeks or so.
I do not need all 4 of them. Some will be for sale, anyone intrerested please let me know here or via PM.
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