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Originally Posted by UnderNewOwnership View Post
Should you preorder videogames?
I typically do not, unless these two caveats are met: 1) It has to be a game I have been looking forward to, and not one that I just heard about and said "Oh, cool." 2) The press or at least popular gamers have to have a pre-release copy and have given it high reviews.

If those circumstances are met, then I may pre-order. Typically, there is no incentive to preorder and with the sometimes sporatic download speeds of the DSL at my house it is easier to just stop by Wal-Mart on the way home from work on release day.

The reason for the above is that I just do not sit around and play games all the time. The games I play I typically get into pretty well, I just do not have time to get fully immersed in every blockbuster that comes out. I think I have played 4 games in the past year, but have really enjoyed them all.
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