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Originally Posted by stsmike View Post
I found this in the site (Goldwing), so its not mine. A member there purchased some Lester wheels for his GW. He wanted to polish the outer edge, while powder-coating the spokes and hub. The wheel was pretty beat up, so he had a lot of work to do. He built this ingenious rig to spin the wheel while he sanded/polished it.

He clamped a board to his drill presses table. This board extended out a few feet from the press. He drilled a hole in the end that protruded away from the press and installed a bolt that could be used as an "axle". He slid the wheel (with bearings) over the bolt and secured it with a washer and a nut; thus allowing the wheel to spin freely on the bearings. A belt slipped over the wheel and then the chuck (although I would feel better about chucking up a small pulley and shaft) allows the drill press to spin the wheel!

This would allow sanding and polishing go very much faster and would keep things "even".

Sorry, I thought I knew how to post pics

Stolen (shamelessly) from here:

You used this Instead of this

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