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I am amused (and annoyed) by the statement in the article that It shows a complete lack of knowledge on said researcher's part about motorcycles and riding, and causes me to question any conclusions she may have reached. Bigger bikes may indeed be a factor, but thinking that "rolling or turning over" is a cause is just ignorance.
That was someone else's work, there's a citation in the original article.

Cite: Dischinger PC, Ryb GE, Ho SM, et al. Injury patterns and severity among hospitalized motorcyclists: a comparison of younger and older riders. Annu Proc Assoc Adv Automot Med 2006;50:23749. pubmed link

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(Plus my own pet peeve is triggered of calling that a "theory", when it doesn't even qualify as a hypothesis, much less an actual theory. A theory is something that has been thoroughly investigated and a high level of support, and is very likely to be true. A half-assed hunch is not a theory.)


The word "Theory" does not exist in the original paper, so if you read it somewhere with your own eyes, a journalist said it.

The exact text of the paragraph where she cited that paper:

"Our finding that severity of injury increases with age is consistent with other research on the topic. Other smaller, non-national studies which compared hospitalised adults aged 40 and older,8 ,9 or those aged 55 and older,10 with younger age groups found an increase in severity in relation to age. Our study expanded upon previous research, examining an older age group, those 60 and older, and found that injury severity among those aged 60 and above was significantly higher than both that of individuals aged 2039 years and those aged 4059 years. We also explored rates of hospitalisation by age and found the oldest group was most likely to be hospitalised for their injuries. This provides further evidence that it is important to understand the risk of severe injury to older riders."

Other two cites from that paragraph:

↵ Dischinger PC, Ryb GE, Ho SM, et al. The association between age, injury, and survival to hospital among a cohort of injured motorcyclists. Annu Proc Assoc Adv Automot Med 2007;51:97110.
↵ Talving P, Teixeira PGR, Barmparas G, et al. Motorcycle-related injuries: effect of age on type and severity of injuries and mortality. J Trauma 2010;68:4416.
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