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So I'm about to unlock the OBJ 708 and I'm trying to decide what to do with my kick-arse Russian TD crew that just unlocked their second perk; leave them in the ISU or move them to the 708?

ISU - Tier 8
704 - Tier 9
Advantage: ISU - can fight lower tier stuff.

ISU - BL10 top gun
704 - BL10 top gun
Advantage: draw - both can do the same damage

ISU - rotation 26deg/s
704 - rotation 19deg/s
Advantage: ISU - turns faster (important with no turret)

ISU - top speed: 43km/h
704 - top speed: 37km/h
Advantage: ISU - faster

ISU: 1010 HP
704: 1600 HP
Advantage: 704 (though with these things you don't want to get shot period as they are both flimsy)

ISU - view range 370m
704: view range 390m
Advantage: 704

...which brings me to the question:

Why would I want to go from the Tier 8 ISU-152 to the Tier 9 OBJ-704

Does/has anyone owned both who can tell my what the stats don't say - is the OBJ better than the ISU to play in any way or is it just a "grind tank" to get to the OBJ 268 ?
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