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Originally Posted by Jeathrow Bowdean View Post
I'm sure he would like to have a rocket ship on wheels in the off road department, but I think that his school thing and his need to do some off road stuff will work out good on a simple DRZ 400. I would like to have a KTM, but Western Canada prices don't permit this at $12 300 out the door for the 690 compared to the $7 600 out the door.

School is coastly, and bikes are just toys, so keeping it real is the best bag for the buck. I ride with the ADS Alberta dudes on my DRZ, and I follow, and lead at times. They kill me on the open stretches, but this is not what he is asking either being that it is not a race bike he is looking for.

One bike/ Better off roading then his KLR/ and School !!!

From Jeathrow Bowdean
Life is full of compromises, and they'll usually tend to put greater pressures on your motorcycling pursuits as time goes by...marriage, kids, job, etc. While bikes can be classified as toys by some, to some of us it's a critical part of quality living. Sometimes "now" is better than hoping for "later". Nothing wrong with a Suzy 400, but it'll never fill the sportbike function that the OP seems to like. I've only gotten to ride a KTM690 enduro model once, but it was fairly eye-opening. It may be the bike that might be the "one" capable of real performance on pavement and dirt. With the spare wheels/tires, it would be like cheating. I'd be highly tempted by a good one in the used market.
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