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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post

Does he really need his knee out if he's not even close to being able to have his knee down?

Now correct me if I'm wrong (which is frequently) but don't you have your knee down to feel the road/tarmac and to help you judge your lean angle?
In the simplest, most non-argumentative way I can, having more of your body weight to the inside of the corner will reduce the amount of lean angle required to steer around a given corner. Therefore while his knee is stuck way out, notice how his upper body and head are moving though the corner. Effectively reducing the required lean angle in the corner. A reduced lean angle means not only do you have a larger contact patch, but also allows to be harder on the throttle when exiting the corner.

He is doing it right. It's the guys who just stick their knee out to scrape it, but whose head and upper body are to the outside of the corner who do it wrong.
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