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If you just say "toche" at the end of a phrase you'll sound like a real local in that area

Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
I woke up late this morning and looked out off the balcony here at:

N 7º 06.458'
W 73º 07.108'

at puffy white clouds drifting by and thought about leaving Bucaramanga. But in the end I just relaxed all day watching the world go by. I really like Bucaramanga. Not sure why. It has the cosmopolitan flair of a smaller Medellin East. After being above 8000 feet for the last while it was really nice to just hang out on the balcony here at 3300 feet, charge up my solar batteries along with the batteries in the camera and laptop, and watch the world go by. Sunny weather in the 70's is a nice change of pace after the Tres Cordilleras where it was in the 40s or 50s in the upper elevations. Don't let anyone talk you out of bringing warm weather gear to South America if you plan to ride the high mountain passes.

When you're on a multi-month trip with no destination, sometimes it's nice to kick back and relax for a day and do nothing. I've been doing a lot of that lately. Nothing wrong with that.

You see so much on these road trips. I think sometimes you need to stop and let it all sink in. So far Colombia has proven to be such a diverse country. It's almost like several countries in one. From the tropical hot mostly black ethnic port of Turbo, to the mostly hispanic hustle and bustle of beautiful springlike Medellin and Bucaramanga, to the 50/50 indigenous/hispanic villages up in the mountains near Venezuela. I could travel around this country for months.

Some Spanish words used in Colombia that vary from northern Latin countries:

Instead of Alto for stop, they use the word Pare (PAH-ray).

Regular gas is called corriente (core-ee-EN-tay).

Plato tipico is called plato corriente (PLAH-toh core-ee-EN-tay) for the regular dish of the day.

money is referred to as plata instead of dinero. This actually started in Panama.

tinto (TEEN-toe) is black coffee.

Perico (pear-EE-co) is cafe con leche or coffee with milk.

The Spanish dialect in Colombia varies from the coast to the cities to the mountains. As does everything else.

more later….
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