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Originally Posted by NCStephen View Post
If you are married, of course you don't know things, The questions you ask just proves it. The answers you get don't help you know more. Later, by the second or third time you ask the question, you learn not to ask that one anymore. I think the longer I am married the less I know.

About that pic, I don't see the guy posing at all. He has good form, open to the curve, good torso position, good vision position, has moved and lowered the CoG to the inside so bike is more upright, he is also actively position himself on the bike so any needed response might be quicker. He and the bike are better positioned for many things that are and could occur in that curve. I wished I looked that good!!!

First, I wished my form was that good, too.

Second, I'm not married, but I've just learned to live with the fact that I don't know everything. Also, it's easier to just ask a question than dwell on all the things I don't know.
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